An incredible online reverse phone lookup service for cell phone, landline, and toll-free numbers.

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Powered by the real-time Caller ID information for the phone number from the US and Canada.

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  • Records for US and Canadian Numbers

    Online Reverse Lookup offers a free reverse phone lookup service for the numbers from both United States and Canada. You simply need to enter any 10-digit phone number and our system will retrieve relevant information for that phone number for you.

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  • Cell Phone, Land-line, and Toll-free Numbers

    Online Reverse Lookup is a one-stop destination for reverse lookup of all three common types of phone numbers. Our system interacts with a database containing an extensive list of records, which makes such look ups possible.

  • Actually Free Reverse Phone Lookup

    You may find it hard to believe, but Online Reverse Lookup actually offers a free reverse phone lookup service. You will be able to retrieve basic information based on any phone number.

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Intuitive Design

The design of Online Reverse Lookup is very simple and intuitive. Our designers have worked hard to ensure our users get the best user experience while using the service!

Lookup History

All the reverse phone lookup you perform in an app is stored in your history, so you can have an immediate access to it anytime. Of course, you can clear your history anytime.

Free for Now

Unlike with most of our comepetitors, you do not have to pay a single penny to perform a reverse phone lookup. Thanks to our advertisers, we hope to remain free!

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You Will Love This Free App!

This app offers you a service, which typically costs at least a few dollars, for free. Unlike most of the other look up service providers, we are honest and do NOT claim to have records for all phone numbers. We certainly do have for most though!

"I usually receive phone calls from the numbers I do not recognize. I do not want to answer all the calls I receive without knowing who is calling. This app has helped me tremendiously by letting me identify the caller before I answer the call." - Eric Woodcock, San Francisco, CA

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Light-Weight, but Powerful

This simple application that lets you conduct an online reverse phone look up is very lightweight, yet very powerful. You can enter any phone number, and it will look up information for that number in just a few seconds.

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If you are looking for a free background check app, then we have one available to our Android users.

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