About Reverse Lookup

Reverse Lookup is a free reverse phone lookup service provider across web, android and iOS platforms. We enable our users to determine identity of an entity associated with a phone number by simply looking up the phone number. Currently, our system supports landline, cell phone, toll-free, and fax phone numbers from the United States and Canada. We plan to add data for phone numbers from other countries soon.

We often get asked about the source of our data. We use the data provided by some major phone-related data compilers. These data are up-to-date and are used by various businesses for marketing, identification, and risk mitigation purposes. Despite being current and trustworthy for the most part, Reverse Lookup does not guarantee accuracy. You can read more about this on our Terms and Privacy page.

The primary mission of Reverse Lookup is to make data that are only, so far, available to the large corporate houses accessible to common users. In addition, Reverse Lookup also aims to offer these data for free. With your support, we believe it is possible.

We are constantly trying to improve this app. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please contact us.