Cancelling Subscription

Reverse Lookup app and its service is free to download and use, so no purchase or subscription is required. As this app has no subscription offers, it is not possible to cancel subscription. However, some users may have mistaken a third-party service for our service and signed up for subscription which cannot be cancelled from our app.

If you believe you have been charged for a service that you did not intend to use, it is likely from interactions with third-party services accessed through advertisements on our app. In this case, you must reach out to the relevant party to cancel subscription to that service. The Reverse Lookup cannot cancel your subsciption with them on their behalf.

It is important to understand that cancelling subsciption must be done directly from the relevant party, and not through the Reverse Lookup app which doesn’t offer subscription for its services. If you have any questions or concerns regarding cancelling subscription, please contact the relevant third-party service provider.