How do I remove phone numbers from my Lookup History?

If you want to remove a particular phone number from your lookup history, you can follow these steps based on the version of the app you are […]

Can I see the history of the phone numbers I have looked up in the past?

Yes, you can view your past search history on both the iOS and Android versions of the app. To access your lookup history on the iOS version […]

What does it mean by “Record Unavailable”

When using an app to look up phone numbers, you may encounter the message “Record Unavailable.” This means that the app was unab […]

How do I perform a lookup?

Performing a lookup in our app is a straightforward process. The following steps will guide you through the process: Step 1: Launch the appW […]

Where do I send the feedback?

We at Online Reverse Lookup value your opinions and are constantly seeking ways to improve our app to enhance your user experience. We belie […]

How do I remove my number from your lookup directory?

If you wish to have your phone number removed from our lookup directory, please note that we have partnered with a third-party licensor to p […]

Where can I find your terms of services and privacy policy?

On iOS, you can access our terms of service and privacy policy by clicking on the settings icon located on the bottom right corner of the ap […]

Why do I see ads?

When you use our app, you may notice that there are ads displayed within the app. These advertisements are necessary to help us keep this ap […]

Does this app use cellular data?

When you install the app, the default mode is to use cellular data when a Wi-Fi network is not available. The app will automatically switch […]

Can I clear all my lookup history at once?

Yes, both the iOS and Android versions of our app offer an option to delete all lookup history with a single tap of a button. On the iOS app […]