Where do I send the feedback?

We really appreciate all the comments we receive suggesting potential improvements on this app. Please send us your feedback by e-mailing: f […]

Where can I find your terms of services and privacy policy?

Our terms of service and privacy policy are accessible from the left menu of this app. Since those terms and policies govern the activities […]

Why do I see ads?

The advertisements help us keep this app free. We are paying for every lookup you perform. We need to at least try coverin a part of that co […]

How do I remove my number from your lookup directory?

We have partnered with a third-party licencor to provide you with a reverse phone lookup service. We have no control over their database, so […]

Does this app use cellular data?

By default, yes. You can disable using cellular data by disallowing this app from using cellular data on your device’s settings.

Can I clear all my history at once?

On the Lookup History page, click on the trash icon on the top-right corner. It should popup a warning message asking if you really want to […]

How do I remove items from my Lookup History?

On the row containing the phone number you want to remove, swipe left. A “Delete” button should appear. Click on that button to […]

Can I see the history of the numbers I have looked up in the past?

Yes, swipe right on your screen. This should display a menu on the left. Click on “Lookup History” on that menu. All of your pas […]

What does it mean by “Record Unavailable”

We try our best to retrieve information for all phone numbers you look up. We, however, may fail when our server is under maintenance, the n […]

How do I perform a lookup?

It is fairly simple. When you launch an app, you should see a text field where you can enter the number. On that text field, enter the numbe […]